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The project will support valorise intangible cultural heritage and look for solutions on how to make local projects sustainable.
Artistic Strategy Sustainability Ich Financing Communication D.t1.5.2 D.t1.4.2 A.t1.4 A.t2.1 D.t2.1.5 Investors D.t2.1.4 D.t2.1.3 Ipr Safeguarding Tool Service Ich Initiatives D.t2.1.2 Tradition Healthy Products Tradition Production Crowdfunding Spruce Resin Health Cosmetic Pilot Action Spruce Cream Innovation In Tradition Card Christmas Celebration Newsletter Strategia Ich Ideas D.t3.3.1 A.t3.3 Study Visit Tocati' Verona Vicenza Desk Mediators Startup D.t3.1.1 A.t3.1 Ideas Howto Services Tools Light Version D.t2.2.5 A.t2.2 Artistic; Evaluation;kpi; Performance Measures Database; D.t2.4.2 Evaluation; Artistic; Kpi; Ich;d.t2.4.2 D.c5.1 Cciaa Decarlo Braga Interreg T2I Santolamazza Zingari Promotional Materials Skills Training Knowledge Interreg Ce Message Courses Nettworking Promotion Marketing Intangible Cultural Heritage Cultural Operators Cultural Actors Toolset Service Culture Support Rrda Organization Of Events Messeeage Storytelling Messege Toolset Dc5.2 Capitale Culturale Immateriale Camera Di Commercio Cultura Turismo Eventi Investimenti Statistiche Indagini Jhk Jihoceskepodnikani Guide Business Start Ups Brochure Best Practise Wine Tourism Dt2.3.5 At2.3 Merdiatori Culturali Treviso Mediatori Culturali Cavinato Veneto Artistic Dt2.3.5 Formazione Carlucci Meditori Culturali Dt3.3.1 At3.1 Unesco Zugliani Wp T2 D.t2.3.3 A.t2.3 Capitale Industria Creativa Regione Del Veneto Bandi E Finanziamenti Idee Di Impresa Opportunità Impresa European Network Ecn Bruxelles Dt2.2.4 At2.2 Finanziamenti Artisticproject Piattaforme Piattaformedicrowdfunding Piattaforma Crowd Cases Bestcases At2.2.4 Successcases Crowdsourcing Workshop Avvio Di Impresa Website Intangible Heritage Central Europe Set Of Training Modules Created Business_Plan D.t2.3.5 Agenda Proposal For The Local Training Activities Communication Skills Financing Methods Wpt2 T2 Slovakia Slovenia Germany Italy Lp D.t1.2.1 A.t1.2 Wp T1 Austria Pp03 Vulkanland Veneto Region Pp02 Pp13 Isn Bovec Pp05 Hungary Wpred Pp06 Pp04 Jarina Poland Pp09 B&s Pp07 Czech Republic Pp11 Sopk Pp12 D.t1.3.2 A.t1.3 Summary Report D.t1.2.2 Intellectual_Property_Rights Copyright Trademark Gdpr Design Geographical_Indication Trade_Secret D.t3.1.2 Open Call Bando Wpt3
t2i – trasferimento tecnologico e innovazione - Codice Fiscale / Partiva IVA 04636360267
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