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The project will support valorise intangible cultural heritage and look for solutions on how to make local projects sustainable.

ARTISTIC D.T1.4.2 Valorization strategy

ARTISTIC D.T1.4.2 Valorization strategy
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The starting position for developing a valorization strategy ICH with a focus on sustainable financing and marketing concepts is to understand ICH in its specific regional or even local context. Moreover, the people, who are the bearers of ICH, must be taken prominently into account. This includes a closer look not only into isolated financing models but also into the variety of cultural traditions in a broad range from oral traditions and expressions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and universe to traditional craftsmanship. Each ICH is particular in respect to know-how, mastery and expertise, which are the core to be maintained. Once the knowledge is lost, money cannot bring it back. Financial models need to start with an analyses of sustainability issues rather than with the implementation of tools. Moreover, the project has come to speak about resourcing ICH rather than financing, because of the non-monetary investments into ICH by volunteering, by providing spaces or and material resources, by considering it in the routines of public administrational or private organisational work have turned out to be at least as important as monetary finances for the local sustainable development in CE regions.

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